Video Introducing Iris van Herpen

Create a 1 minute video introducing your design hero in any format desired. Tell a short, engaging narrative tat doesn’t necessarily try to relay the designer’s whole life. Include a voiceover of his or her voice and base the content off of the soundtrack.


Flat Plan Sketches (3/11/2021)

Flat plans are extremely useful ways of laying out content spaces and taking an overall look at the design. It’s especially good for determining the flow of the book before going in with all the details. …


Choosing a Design Hero (2/4/2021)

At the start of the project, I had to pick a designer that was the most inspiring to me. As an indecisive person who admires a handful of designers, I made a whole list and gradually eliminated my choices down to two. Here was my…

Speed Dating Preparation

What is the research method about?

Business origami is a research method that models current and future systems by playacting with paper-cutouts. Invented by the Hitachi Design Center, its name referred to the Japanese art of folding paper into symbolic figures. The service design activity explores various attributes such as user experience, stakeholder relationships, resources and…

10 years in the future, Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design wants to enhance the studio experience for hybrid learning. Alike the current situation due to COVID-19, some students and faculty are on campus while others are studying and teaching remotely. …

I created a hybrid exhibit for Miller ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) x CMOA (Carnegie Museum of Art). Designed for Miller but featuring an artist from CMOA, its purpose is to attract more audience to Miller and increase awareness of CMOA exhibits.

Project Introduction and Gallery Plan (10/28/20)

Our professors began by introducing us to our…

Based on our previous print project, I was to create a video that introduced Bodoni’s characteristics and personality with a video medium. I took advantage of sequence, sound, motion and rhythm apart from just visuals. A sixty second video was made using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

After exploring many typographic elements and learning the six principles of design, I created a two-page book spread that introduces the Bodoni typeface to my readers. There was a strong emphasis on clarity, communication, readability and engagement.

Typeface Selection and Analysis (09/24/20)

Scrolling through a list of type choices, I decided to choose Bodoni to…

Dorothy Li

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