Starting off with multiple sets of exercises, I explored visual and typographic variables (stroke weight, linespace, horizontal shift, color, scale and imagery) to create communicative hierarchies. My knowledge was then demonstrated on a final poster.

Deciding on an Event (09/08/20)

Potential Events for the Project

Background Research (09/10/20)

Jazz Event was the Final Decision
Image from their Official Account

Three Adjectives

Descriptive Phrase

Notes from their Official Account

Exercise 1: Typographic Variables (09/11/20)

Typing Up and Learning InDesign
Trying to find the right font.
Assigning Hierarchy to the Text

Hierarchy Mark Up Questions & Considerations

Stroke Weights Exercise
Linespacing Exercise
Horizontal Shift: Two Flush-Left Margins Exercise
Horizontal Shift: Three Flush-Left Margins Exercise

In-Class Activity

Exercises for the Class Activity

Exercise 2: Color and Scale (09/16/20)

Inspiration from the Official Account
Selecting Color from a Paper Collection
Selecting Palettes for the Type Ups
Single Color in Type
Color Behind Type

Attending the Event (09/20/20)

Pictures Taken Inside JZ Club
Notes Taken On the Phone

Exercise 3: Image (09/21/20)

Possible Images from Unsplash
First Try of Incorporating Images with Content
Playing with Text and Image Interaction

Exercise 4: Final (09/23/20)

Trying to Find the Right Angle
Final Iterations with Feedback Process 1, 2 and 3
Final Product of the Visual Hierarchy Poster
Class Figma Board for Final Critique
Briefly Sticking Up the Poster for Context Comparison